DAVID LAURIA  as........

  • Bertha Bumiller - wife of Hank and mother to Jody, Stanley, and Charlene

  • Hank Bumiller- Bertha's husband

  • Pearl Burras - Bertha's aunt

  • Leonard Childers - Station Manager of OKKK

  • Sheriff Givens- Believes in old-fashioned jails

  • Elmer Watkins- Head of the local chapter of the KKK

  • Yippy the dog- Pet of the month

  • R.R. Snavely - UFOlogist, town drunk, and husband to Didi

  • The Reverend Spikes, president of the Smut Snatchers of the New Order

  • Thurston Wheelis - A disc jockey at radio station OKKK

Greater Tuna is the hilarious comedy about Texas' third smallest town, where the Lion's Club is too liberal and Patsy Cline never dies. The eclectic band of citizens that make up this town are portrayed by only two performers, making this satire on life in rural America even more delightful as they depict all of the inhabitants of Tuna -- men, women, children and animals.

The show began as a simple party skit based on a political cartoon more than 25 years ago in Austin, Texas. Talented creators Joe Sears, Jaston Williams and Ed Howard were the imaginative authors that parlayed the sketch into a critically acclaimed production which has entertained audiences across the country ever since.

 October 20, 21, 22, 27, 28 & 29      

              "GREATER TUNA" 

             by Jaston Williams &  Ed Howard

   LINDA SHERWOOD   as........

  • Charlene Bumiller - Daughter of  Bertha Bumiller

  • Jody Bumiller - Youngest child of Bertha Bumiller

  • Stanley Bumiller - Charlene's twin brother

  • Vera Carp - Vice President of Smut-Snatchers of the New Order

  • Petey Fisk - Employee of the Greater Tuna Humane Society

  • Didi Snavely - Owner of Didi's Used Weapons

  • Arles Struvie - A disc jockey at radio station OKKK

  • Chad Hartford- A reporter from Houston

  • Phinas Blye- A politician from Indiana

  • Harold Dean Lattimer- OKKK's weatherman

Arles Struvie & Thurston Wheelis

    Tuna's favorite radio hosts

Directed by-

Rosemary Lauria


Virginia Korosek & Sandy Zinn

Backstage Crew 

Mary Conley & Sheri Sousa


Jim Wellington

Sound Operator  

Leah Goodwin

Stanley Bumiller

Charlene Bumiller

Vera Carp

Petey Fisk

Pearl Burass

Sound Tech

Dave Hansen

Arles Struvie

Thurston Wheelis

Bertha Bumiller

Chad Hartford

R.R. Snavely